Transfer Orly Airport - Le Havre

Orly Airport - Le Havre (Home address - Hotel - Harbour - Cruise terminal)

Private Transfers to/from Orly Airport to Normandy

Private car and van transfer to/from Orly Airport to Normandy

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Orly Airport - Le Havre €390 €460 €490 Book now
CDG Airport – Bayeux €390 €450 €580 Book now
CDG Airport – Caen €420 €480 €560 Book now

Our premium transfer service connects Paris airports with the historical heart of Normandy, offering direct routes to Le Havre, Bayeux, and Caen. Starting from Orly Airport, passengers can reach Le Havre, known for its modernist architecture and the MuMa museum, housing an impressive collection of Impressionist paintings. From CDG Airport, explore Bayeux, where the medieval Bayeux Tapestry tells the tale of the Norman conquest, and visit Caen for its monumental castle and the Peace Memorial Museum. Each journey is not just a transfer but a gateway to the rich history and breathtaking landscapes of Normandy. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of our private car and van services, ensuring a stress-free travel experience to these iconic destinations.


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