Transfer Paris (hotel or home address) - Epernay

Paris (Hotel or home address) - Epernay

Epernay is the capital of Champagne and is home to some of the most prestigious champagne houses in Champagne vineyards like Moët & Chandon, Pol Roger, Perrier-Jouët, To get there do not hesitate to book a transport by car with driver from Paris.

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The hotel La Villa Eugène Epernay is a very original and elegant establishment. Former home of a certain bourgeoisie in the Marne region, it is today a mansion with a certain charm.

A good location in Epernay
The villa Eugene Epernay is located at 82-84 Avenue de Champagne, on the D3. It is thus a few meters from the main producers of the famous drink of the region, the champagne of the Marne. The closest ones are Pol Roger or Jacquinot and Sons. These are big names in French and international viticulture. The building is less than 2 km from another cultural institution in the area, Salmanazar Theater. The location is ideal for a hotel especially since it is in a particularly quiet wooded environment despite its location.

An old-fashioned decoration assumed by the owners
Savvy travelers will directly notice the old style of the house. Having belonged to the Mercier family, this last proudly displays a 19th century decoration with touches of furniture Louis XVI style. The story is almost present in the different rooms and its very family side comes out in each room. However, it should be noted that a certain duality exists in the house. The new completes the old without distorting it. For example, the bathrooms are very contemporary. In addition, certain decorative elements recall this modern side mixed with historical elements such as the four-poster bed.

Comfort in an old hotel
Although the tourist is in an old house, comfort is not put aside. The rooms have the classic elements of a good class hotel room. This is for example a minibar or flat screen connected to the cable. As for the connectivity with the outside, internet is shared in Wifi for all the customers. In some parts of the property, travelers will appreciate the presence of a fireplace or balcony during periods of bright sunlight.

Other offers of the hotel
Several offers are proposed by the administrators to satisfy the customers. First, the latter can have a breakfast buffet and on demand. Then a club bar is open for people who want to relax or socialize over a drink. Then, for people who need to relax in a hot bath, the pool is at their disposal. Finally, for parking, the hotel has free parking spaces for its guests. Our destination is mainly from the airport to the hotel

In Epernay, in the Marne, the Jean Moët hotel is one of the renowned hotels whose refinement is part of the primary values. An establishment that takes root in an old building dating from the 17th century.

A good location in Epernay
The hotel is located at 7 street Jean Moët in Épernay. Compared to the attractions of the city, especially the champagne producers, it is ideally placed. The closest are for example the Champagne Moët and Chandon houses as well as Georges Cartier. Moreover, in the direct vicinity of the establishment, the travelers can find the Office of tourism, the town hall or the Place Mendes France. The same goes for amenities such as shops of all kinds or public transit stops.

Classic rooms but very well equipped
In this hotel with a certain elegance, the rooms offered remain classic. However, they are very well equipped to provide optimal comfort to all customers. These rooms meet the 4-star standards of the French hotel industry. They are soundproofed and air-conditioned. Small touches are found in the rooms. This may be for example the coffee machine or tea service. Moreover, in terms of communication, travelers are well-off in the rooms of Jean Moët. They are equipped with flat-screen cable television, telephone and internet connectivity using WiFi.

Hotel's offers of service
Hotel administrators offer several services to their guests. For example, in terms of catering, they can taste the morning buffet. There is also parking for several cars. Some of these parking stations have been set up for the disabled. For relaxation and relaxation, Jean Moët has a sauna and a small rectangular pool. A space that is very appreciated by customers despite its small size. The property offers laundry and daily housekeeping services.

Near the main cultural premises of the city
In addition to being close to the main producers in the region, the location of Jean Moët is very interesting from a cultural point of view. For lovers of entertainment and entertainment, the Gabrielle Dorziat Theater, the Salmanazar is less than 200 m. As for the famous Millennium Exhibition Park, it is less than 15 minutes by public transport. However, we provide you with a car service always on time.

  Le Clos Raymi is a three-star hotel in the city of Epernay. It is located at 3 rue Joseph De Venoge. Its location places it at the center of the main wine producers in the region.

An original establishment with character
Just a few minutes from Epernay's historic city center, the hotel is rooted in a magnificent 19th century building. This former residence of Chandon has become a beautiful charming hotel very cozy. The exterior has kept his charms of yesteryear. françaisWhile the interior has managed a restoration of very good taste. A renovation that has not distorted the charm of the place. In this room, many historical and cultural objects are highlighted for the happiness of art lovers.

Rooms with unique decorations
The Raymi offers 7 rooms for rent to its customers. These pieces are individually decorated. They have their own soul and a clean style with a certain historical side. The real estate used is vintage. Some rooms even have fireplaces. Only these are not functional. They serve just to set the mood in the general decoration. Customers looking for modernity will soon find their way. However, those who are looking for originality and authenticity will find themselves there.

Comfortable but basic equipment
The present equipment meets the standards required for a hotel type three stars. However, aside from that, the rooms are pretty quaint. At the bathroom level, some rooms are equipped with shower while others are equipped with bathtub. They also have cable television, telephone and a heating system for harsh winter periods.

Other service offered
As a three-star hotel, the Raymi offers a few other services to its customers. The most important is certainly the wonderful breakfast buffet that is proposed. All products presented in this menu is homemade. It is even possible to take it outside during summer periods. As for parking, private parking is available to guests. When it comes to connecting with the world, the hotel offers free Wi-Fi internet. It is thus available in the rooms as well as on the terraces of the hotel. In addition, it is reminded that pets are allowed. Only customers will have to pay attention to the hygiene and cleanliness of these animals. Providing a day rental service is the service we provide when you visit Paris or Epernay.