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Connecting you from Villepinte Expo to CDG Airport with ease, our private transfer service is designed for both business travelers and tourists looking for a reliable transportation solution. Our professional drivers ensure a smooth and timely journey, allowing you to relax or prepare for your upcoming flight. For those exploring further, we offer convenient transfers from CDG and Orly Airports to the heart of Paris, where iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre await. Alternatively, discover the historical splendor of Versailles with our direct transfer service. Experience the comfort and convenience of our private cars and vans, dedicated to making your travel stress-free.


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A luxury concierge represents the pinnacle of private service. The ultimate goal is to cater to the client's every wish in the minutest detail. The only constraint, of course, is the law of the country where the personal or professional request is to be fulfilled.


Fulfilling Even the Most Unusual Requests

Imagine a scenario where a lady desires the five volumes of the Game of Thrones series within two hours, even when the bookstores are closed and the books are sold out. A gentleman wants to fly to Dubai the same day, even though the airline he prefers is fully booked. Another client requests a one-year-old gray pony with a white spot on its tail as a gift for his granddaughter. Addressing such precise and seemingly impossible requests might appear unrealistic, but that's precisely the job of a luxury concierge. The number one rule in private concierge service is never to say, "I can't." Every day and every client represents a new challenge, hence there's no room for routine. This profession is filled with interesting encounters and daily learning.


The Luxury Concierge, a Master of Resourcefulness

A luxury concierge must be knowledgeable, possess an extensive network, and maintain a comprehensive address book. They don't hesitate to go to great lengths to satisfy their clients' desires. After all, their clientele comprises wealthy businesspeople, showbiz stars, renowned politicians, and top CEOs. This exceptional butler can orchestrate a wedding, order a salmon roe pizza, or secure a seat at an opera house. The skills required for a private concierge service are taught in high-end training institutions, with interpersonal and managerial capabilities being crucial.


Why Use a Luxury Concierge Service?

Utilizing a luxury concierge service is vital to ensure favorable responses to any client request. It also helps handle the details of daily life that an individual might not have time to manage. Therefore, to succeed in any activity, it's beneficial to trust a personal assistant such as a luxury concierge.



A CTV driver, an acronym for Chauffeur-driven Transport Vehicle or Chauffeur-driven Tourist Car, transports individuals for personal or professional trips.


Regulations for a CTV Driver

A CTV driver cannot randomly park to pick up customers; they are only permitted to service passengers who have made a reservation. The profession is governed by regulations stipulating that the driver must park in a designated lot or garage between fares. The CTV driver is required to offer a flat rate and operate a high-end vehicle (having over 120 horsepower, with 4 to 9 seats, at least 4.5 meters long and 1.70 meters wide, less than 6 years old, and with premium interior comfort).


Responsibilities of a CTV Driver

Simply holding a B license isn't sufficient to become a CTV driver. Demonstrating impeccable conduct is also essential. The driver should be discreet, welcoming, have a clean criminal record, and undergo continuing training every five years. They must at least have completed prevention and first-aid training, speak English at minimum, and be familiar with routes (including street names, infrastructure, and addresses therein). A professional card is also required for this profession. In most cases, the driver is an employee who works on behalf of a company that sets the schedules and work hours. Those who wish to work independently must have the appropriate vehicle and establish a business with the purpose of operating a registered CTV.


The Benefits of Using a CTV Driver

Utilizing a CTV driver offers several advantages. They are obligated to deliver superior service, striving to meet customer expectations. Additionally, this service saves time compared to waiting for taxis. Importantly, unlike many taxi drivers, CTV drivers are often multilingual. Therefore, tourists who choose this type of service are able to communicate effectively with their driver during the journey.



The VIP lounge at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport is the epitome of luxury at this renowned airport. It offers an exceptional alternative, providing superior services and comfortable waiting conditions for travelers arriving or departing from Paris.


Details about the Roissy CDG VIP Lounge

Holders of VIP access receive the luxury of being transported to the airport, even on the tarmac, in a high-end car. Additionally, a chauffeur is provided to escort them to the lounge and a vehicle is available to take them to their next destination if desired. VIP lounge access also includes priority entry into the prestigious airport lounge itself. The guest has the option to request services such as expedited and private customs control, hostess service, or priority access. Standard services like a buffet and drinks, unlimited Wi-Fi, TV, and print media are also provided. The lounge allows guests to escape the hustle and bustle of airports and even offers the opportunity to relax or take a nap when needed. The Roissy-CDG VIP lounge is a private area reserved for privileged customers, such as frequent flyers, business class and first-class passengers, with specific admission criteria. High-profile political and religious personalities are also welcomed. Access is granted in exchange for holding a specific card. Note that each airport lounge varies in terms of size, luxury, and services offered.


What to Know about the Access Card for the Roissy CDG VIP Lounge?

Access to the VIP lounge at Roissy CDG is exclusive to passengers who possess an access card or have made a reservation. The access card is available only to eligible guests traveling in First class, more specifically for those traveling as frequent flyers, in business class, or in first class. Certain admission conditions must be met to enjoy its benefits. With this card, guests can avail themselves of various services and amenities, including catering, a buffet, a bar, Wi-Fi connectivity, and much more.


Located in the heart of Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and near the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition center, the Ibis Styles hotel offers you an excellent, original and peaceful stay. The Ibis Styles with its unique decoration offers you a friendly atmosphere, tasty cuisine, and a pleasant stay. Its location is ideal and practical with its access to terminal 3 of the airport, so if you are flying very early, it just pass your night.  


Hotel offers and services

Equipped with professional staff welcoming and listening to you, the hotel is ready to welcome you. The hotel offers comfortable, soundproofed rooms with soft bedding, equipped with air conditioning and a flat-screen cable TV.Family, single rooms and even suites are available. The suites have a seating area ideal for relaxing. Free Wi-Fi connection is available throughout the resort. The service is fast but of quality. Breakfast is served from 4.30 am, so take advantage of the fresh produce in the restaurant of the hotel Foody'S Planet. Free, secure and covered parking is offered.  


The assets and strong points of the hotel

During your accommodation, pets are also allowed, so you can stay with your favorite pet. Rooms with facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility are also available. When it comes to catering, the chef will take you on a journey through the various succulent dishes of the world's cuisines. A free airport shuttle service is offered to all customers. The hotel is very well located thanks to its immediate access to the airport and to nearby historic sites such as Fort de Chelles, Saint Andre Church and Notre Dame de l'Assomption Church.



A significant cultural site, Parc Expo Villepinte is an essential stop when visiting the capital. This venue hosts a variety of events each year.

A Little History

Parc Expo Villepinte was inaugurated in 2013 and is one of the largest exhibition centers in France. It spans 36,000 square meters of indoor space, distributed over a modern, aesthetically pleasing building that is divided into nine zones. Additionally, the park offers 242,000 square meters of exhibition area. It can host up to 700 people. Parc Expo Villepinte also includes a convention center and amphitheater, ranging in size from 7,200 to 48,000 square meters, along with 39 distinct meeting rooms. Each year, it serves as the venue for business conferences, a variety of conventions, exhibitions, and diverse cultural events. Professionals from all sectors especially appreciate Parc Expo Villepinte for its strategic location. Conveniently, the site is located near Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport and is situated in the heart of a business district and a tourist area, which facilitates the organization of various events. Several hotels are also available within minutes from the park.


An Online Program

The schedule for various events at Parc Expo Villepinte is available online. This enables you to plan effectively for your visit. Not only do the dedicated websites show you the different exhibitions and events, but they also allow you to purchase your tickets in just a few clicks.



Villepinte Expo is an exhibition center that is well worth a visit. It is 23.4 km from Parc de la Villette and 24.1 km from La Géode. For your transfer to the airport, note that a distance of 6 km separates Villepinte Expo from CDG Airport. It is 37.8 km from Orly Airport.