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Seamlessly connecting Villepinte Expo to Orly Airport, our private transfer service ensures an effortless and comfortable journey for every traveler. Perfect for those attending exhibitions or events at Villepinte Expo and requiring a reliable ride to Orly Airport. This route, alongside our transfers from CDG to Paris and CDG to Versailles, showcases our commitment to providing accessible and efficient transportation solutions. Our skilled drivers are dedicated to ensuring your travel is smooth, allowing you to relax or work undisturbed en route to your destination. Enjoy the ease of direct transfers, and experience the beauty and culture of Paris and Versailles, with notable attractions like the Château de Versailles and the bustling city life of Paris. Choose our expert service for a stress-free transit, combining luxury with the practicality of punctual and safe travel.


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Types of services served by our shuttle company



A private chauffeur with a car is a professional driver who provides transportation during your personal or business trips, based on a reservation made in advance.


Understanding the Private Chauffeur Role

In industry jargon, they are known as a TCD driver (Transport Car with Driver). They offer their services through a contract. They differ from taxi drivers as they do not seek their customers on the streets. They are also distinct from personal drivers because they do not exclusively serve a single person or named group; their clientele can change based on reservations. Their role is to transport customers to their destinations, such as for shopping or appointments, following itineraries defined in the reservation. The private chauffeur with their own car could be an independent operator or an employee working for a TCD company. Regardless, they are skilled professionals, providing added value compared to regular private drivers.


Criteria for being a TCD Driver

Both the car and the driver must meet specific criteria to qualify for this role. Firstly, the driver must pass a specific examination that covers transport regulations, road safety, business management, customer relations, and comprehension of French and English. They must hold a Class B driving license, have received "Level 1 Civic Prevention and Rescue" training, pass a medical examination, and complete necessary training to become a TCD driver. They should also hold a legal status of a TCD company or be a self-employed TCD entrepreneur. Professionally, the driver must have a TCD license, certificate of insurance, proof of insurance, a copy of the registration certificate, a business card, and proof of financial capacity (minimum of €1,500). Additionally, they must use a high-end vehicle: more than 120 horsepower, with 4 to 9 seats, at least 4.5 meters long and 1.70 meters wide, less than 6 years old, and with a luxurious interior. For example, they could opt for a limousine for transporting passengers from Paris airport to their chosen destination.



Impeccable Quality of Service

Whether as a chauffeur or a private driver, the professional is expected to be refined, demonstrating impeccable behavior, encompassing their attire (or even uniform), language, and driving etiquette. They must possess a sense of discretion and be proficient in at least two foreign languages, including English. If passengers desire conversation, the driver should be well-cultured and ready to engage. They should provide requested information and be familiar with key addresses such as offices, public or private institutions, tourist sites, monuments, museums, popular spots, hotels, etc. In this sense, they serve as a guide. The executive chauffeur or master driver operates on a flexible schedule; they might transport a CEO and his wife returning late from a charity gala, a delegation member catching a 3 AM flight to the US, or a HR director needing a ride to lunch post meeting. Importantly, this driving professional is the primary person responsible for their car, ensuring its maintenance and handling various paperwork (insurance, decals, etc.). Furthermore, they often perform ancillary tasks such as carrying luggage.


Why Hire an Executive Driver?

Hiring an executive driver can be particularly beneficial, especially for transporting CEOs or distinguished individuals. Indeed, only an executive driver can work with utmost discretion. Moreover, unlike a standard driver, they possess a high level of cultural knowledge while being fluent in at least three foreign languages. As a result, they can provide comprehensive information on various interesting sites in the region. Additionally, they are available day and night, even for long-distance trips. Thus, they are a guarantee of a high-quality, professional transfer service.


The Company Driver: An Overview

A company driver is an employee who operates vehicles owned by the company for various tasks. In essence, their duties could involve transporting executives in a sedan, ferrying staff in a shared vehicle, or delivering goods with a commercial vehicle.


Difference Between Company Driver and Executive Driver

In practice, the company driver is often mistaken for the executive driver, who is responsible for transporting a company executive. This transportation isn't limited to professional travel. For instance, they may drive the CEO to the airport for a personal vacation abroad, or chauffeur the boss to a dinner or an opera. Their duties may also extend to serving visitors to the company (auditors, partners, investors, etc.). The company driver may also undertake tasks such as delivering important documents to partners or running errands for the company. If serving management, the company driver is subject to flexible, sometimes demanding, schedules. Their schedule is dictated by their superior's movements, which can mean receiving late-night calls to adjust plans or complete last-minute errands. Working weekends or holidays may also be required. It's worth noting that some companies hire a Tourism Car with Driver (TCD) for their executives.


Why Hire a Company Driver?

Hiring a company driver can be advantageous as they operate with discretion and ensure optimal safety during all trips. Additionally, with their broad general knowledge, they can also function as guides, given their multilingual skills. The vehicle used for transportation is always comfortable, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. Furthermore, they are readily available, day or night, even for longer trips to fulfill a company's transportation needs. They provide a high-quality, professional transfer service.


The Air and Space Museum: An Overview

The Air and Space Museum, located at Le Bourget Airport, holds the distinction of being the oldest existing aeronautical museum. Initially based in Chalais-Meudon, the museum now stands in the southeastern part of Le Bourget airport's right-of-way, northeast of Paris. It is conveniently located near the Le Bourget terminal and the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety.


What To Explore at this Renowned Museum?

At the museum, you'll have the opportunity to discover over 150 original aircraft, an extensive collection of artwork centered on 18th and 19th-century ballooning, and numerous space-related artifacts. These include life-size models of the Ariane 1 and Ariane 5 rockets. The museum is unique in housing two Concorde aircraft. Visitors can also enjoy a comprehensive tour aboard a Boeing 747 and learn more about the planets and the solar system in the planetarium.


A Wealth of Discoveries Awaits!

The museum exhibits are spread across indoor halls, the most significant being the Grand Gallery, and outdoor displays of less fragile aircraft. The museum's reserves, which hold an additional 150 aircraft among other items, are primarily stored in the airport's southwest region, within the municipality of Dugny. The gallery also showcases the culmination of events celebrating the museum's centenary. As part of the museum's interactive activities, you can sit at the controls of flight simulators to gain a better understanding of flight dynamics, comfortably explore space in the planetarium, and take part in mini guided tours in small groups. Additionally, you can step aboard aircraft and access areas that are generally off-limits to the public.


The Villepinte Expo exhibition center is located in Paris-Nord. It is located 24.1 km from the Geode and about 25 km from the Museum of Art and History of Saint Denis. For those looking for the nearest airport, it should be noted that the distance between the park and CDG Airport. Villepinte Expo is at  37,8 km away from Orly airport .