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Creil is a french twon, located in department of Oise, in Hauts-de-France. This third city of the Oise is in the heart of the second agglomeration of the Picardie region, Creil is 62 km from Paris.The first mention of this city dates back to the year 633, but its history has already begun in the Neolithic era. According to archaeologists, Creil was a site of fortified agglomeration or oppidum at the time of the Gauls. In the beginning, this city appears under the name of "Criolo" towards 633 and it became "Criolum" in 672. In 851, it again changed its name and it is known under the name "Credilium" and "Credulii" in 1115. Like some towns of the Oise, Creil developed in the Middle Ages. At that time, a chapter of canons was founded as well as a place to house the relics. In parallel, the hotel-god was built in the twelfth century. In the 13th century, the Saint-Médard church was created and underwent several changes until the 16th century. However, its economic growth is especially marked by the arrival of the railroad and the industrial revolution. Thanks to the prosperity and growth of the city, Louis de Blois, the Count of Clermont decided to grant the people of Creil a communal charter in 1197. It is from this year that even the bourgeois of the city had access to the assistance of a city council. Be that as it may, this city was slightly affected by the Black Death in 1348 and was attacked by famine. Thus, the inhabitants were obliged to peel trees and eat the bark. Creil also suffered a lot of fighting during the Hundred Years War but also during the World War. As a result, a large part of the city was completely demolished and was only rebuilt from 1950. In 1797, the development of the industrial sector with the creation of a crystal company which was later transformed into earthenware spawned the rise of Creil. However, it closed in 1895 following a fire. After the two World Wars, Creil has recovered thanks to the fact that its inhabitants have thought about the diversification of its economy. Twenty years after the World Wars were enough to erase the losses. Since then, the number of inhabitants has increased slightly and all the towns of the Oise are considered sources of population growth in the Picardy region. For visitor Creil book one of our cars, do not hesitate to contact us.


Creil is the third city of Oise which is 62 km from Paris and 40 km from Beauvais. It is open to a dense natural environment with a territory dominated by green spaces that embellish more Creil.
Creil is a young city that is constantly changing for the well-being of its inhabitants. This city is best known for its inhabitants who are very friendly but also supportive. Creil is one of the most populated municipalities of Oise. It indeed experienced the baby boom between 1946 and 2011, which led to a significant demographic development.
Nowadays Creil has become the most important digital city in the Picardie region and has even recently been labeled "Internet City".


More concretely, Creil has highlighted a large number of devices necessary for the development of the sector related to new technologies with its level labeled with three arobases. Thus, several workshops, many new communication tools such as cyberspaces for senior, Internet spaces, web portals such as the museum Creil and various interactive services have emerged in recent years. All of them to the benefit of young people or even of all its population.

In addition to digital development, Creil has also become a playful and sporting city. This city currently has multiple sports centers that it provides free to young people and the banks of the Oise are part of its multi-sports fields Creil. It is also thanks to its investments in sports equipment that it recently obtained the label of playful and sportive city of Oise. These sporting and fun activities are intended for both young and old. In fact, more than fifty playgrounds and hundreds of children's games are on offer. In addition, several festive day organizations take place every year, including the famous Oise Sports Festival.
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Creil is a town with interesting history to visit. Indeed, with so many unmissable sites, this city is a significant tourist destination in the Picardy region.
Do not miss, among others, the castle of Creil Charles V. This is a building dating from the end of the fourteenth century whose turn facing the arm of the Oise is still present until today . It houses the Musée Gallé-Juillet. This museum highlights the life of a Creole family in the nineteenth century. A collection of decorative arts including furniture, works of art, paintings as well as ceramics and so many objects from the First World War are preserved.


The Maison de la Faïence is also worth visiting in Creil. Indeed, it is a monument of the museum which traces the history of Creil. An exhibition of about 600 fine earthenware, both explanatory panels and many objects representative of the Gallo-Roman era are to discover.

The Saint-Médard church, some parts of which date from the beginning of the 13th century but it was rebuilt entirely between 1250 and 1280. It is especially interesting given its Gothic architecture radiating to the extent that its construction is supported against the old wall of pregnant Creil. This church was destroyed during the Hundred Years War, rebuilt in the fifteenth century and is transformed into a saltpetre factory at the time of the French Revolution. This church has undergone many changes. More exactly, it has undergone at least 6 major modifications since its construction, but it remains one of the essential historical monuments in Creil.

Apart from the monuments that make the Creil fame, this city also has other surprising tourist attractions including the island of Creil lovers. The latter is a historical monument dating from the 18th century. There are also the war memorials which constitute a communal building of Creil. Inaugurated in 1926, it is about a sculptor who pays homage to the dead children for France and the fighters of the city of Creil during the two World wars. We are able to provide a day rental service for you to enjoy every corner of the city.