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In Troyes, Saint-Peter-and-Saint-Paul cathedral is a historical and religious must to see monument. It has passed through centuries and even millennia to be one of the most beautiful vestiges of the religious past of France. This building is also one of the historic heritages of the city.
The cathedral is changing
The first stories about a cathedral dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul date back to the beginning of the year thousand in the current department of Aube. Then she rebuilt herself on the ashes of the fire of 1188. The new architects decided to use a more Gothic style. But the work has never really been completed. Some original plans were abandoned as was the case of the south tower which was dedicated to St. Paul. For many centuries, the appearance of this heritage has changed a lot. It has been the subject of destruction, architectural modification or long-term construction interruption.

A work spared by modern times
Although the revolution put the building in very bad shape, it was nevertheless spared by the armed conflicts of the last century. Thus, the two world wars have not had significant impacts on this work. The cathedral stood up despite the various bombings that took place on French soil. Its multiple stained glass windows and sculptures are still in good condition despite their age and the tumultuous periods they have gone through.
The treasures of this building
In addition to its history, this cathedral has major works of art. The most famous are the stained glass windows of the establishment and the various sculptures that have crossed the different eras of the history of humanity. Despite their condition and their great fragility, these objects still defied time. This observation is repeated for the sculptures. It is especially the works of medieval type that are most present. The interior of this church is composed of splendid Gothic work. The small flat is at the level of the external sculptures. Indeed, these last ones were destroyed during the French revolution.
The main artists listed in this place
Saint-Peter-and-Saint-Paul Cathedral in Troyes is an impressive mosaic of works done by dozens of artists. First of all, we must mention the genius architects who shaped the basilica. It will be for example Martin Chambiges. They managed to maintain the unique style of this church by transforming it all the time. Then, stained-glass artists like Léonard Gontier made monumental works inside the building. Among the latter, lovers of ancient art recommend "Le pressoir mystique". Afterwards, in terms of woodcarving, the craftsman Henri Triquetti did wonders for example on the pulpit to preach. Finally, in the field of stone carving and clay, the Trojan School presents multiple works such as "Madonna and Child". Organize an airport transfer is our specialty if you want to leave directly from CDG for Troyes


The city of Troyes is one of the few cities in France to have given birth to popes. The best known has even left the church of Saint-Urbain as a legacy for its sustainability in history. It was erected in basilica in 1964.
A pope's vow
Pope Urban IV, whose name is Jacques Pantaléon, is the origin of this cathedral. He was elected to this position in 1261 without having passed the rank of Cardinal in the Catholic hierarchy. This personage expressed the wish of the realization of this church and ordered its construction on the old place of work of his father. Unfortunately, he never saw the completion of this work. Moreover, he has not taken his place in the Vatican in the field of the popes. He died in Perugia just three years after he decided to build the building.
The work of Jean Langlois
To build this church, Pope Urban IV entrusted this work to the architect Jean Langlois. This great name of the Catholic Church has spent a staggering amount for this construction. It should also be noted that this basilica was not welcomed at the beginning especially at the religious level. In particular, brawls took place with the faithful of Notre Dame aux Nonnains abbey. In addition, the construction was done in several parts. But the whole ended in 1379 with a major defect in the nave. The specialists of this kind of local are unanimous on the fact that it is only in 1905 that the work is finalized after important works of restoration.
The treasures of this church
This basilica includes in its midst great quality work of art. In the first place, it is unthinkable to speak of the city of Troyes without mentioning the windows of its main heritage. The Saint-Urbain cathedral does not escape this rule. The magnificent stained glass windows depicting the passion of Christ or the great names of Christianity are recognized throughout the world for their beauty. Their style is very dynamic, colorful and attractive. Second, the church has high quality sculptures. They are not very invasive but at the same time these objects radiate by their presence. For example, this is the case of the piece "Virgen au raisin". Finally, the architecture of this building is an integral part of the treasures of the building. A Gothic style but simplified that leaves a lot of room for natural light games. The agent will wait for you at the door of the plane arriving to go directly to the discovery of Troyes.

The Bakery House is part of these cultural heritages of Troyes. It serves as an ideal transition between Old Troyes and the more modern.
A bastion to be safeguarded by all means
For a while, the rue Champeaux and rue Paillot de Montabert were described as alleys of vices or street whores. Yet it is at the corner of these two streets that the bakers' house is built. For decades, the rehabilitation of these old homes has not been the priority of the various administrations of the city. The latter preferred to rush to the low-rent housing instead of focusing on renovating the old. It was Louis Dumont who sounded the alarm for the city of Troyes, especially for this special place. He insisted and made pleas for the safeguarding of this bastion of the Trojan culture.
A historical monument since 1958
Thanks to the work of Louis Dumont and André Seurre, especially in their advocacy at the level of the various State institutions, the baker's house was included as a historical monument at the end of the 1950s. unblocked for its restoration. The fact that it was made of wood did not help things. After these rehabilitations, this establishment formerly owned by the Benoist and which delivered the breads of some large hotels in the city, became the cultural center of the town. A center where various artistic expressions are in the spotlight.

An unusual place to honor the culture
This dwelling takes the classic codes of the architectural style of the city of Troyes. That's what first allowed him not to be destroyed. But in addition to that, it has become a center dedicated to the culture in the agglomeration since 1975. It is possible to come and look at all forms of art and expression of the artistic genius of man. Its primary mission is to give a boost to these. Particularly well-prepared programming is offered throughout the year. From one-man show, to music and book presentations, the events presented are very rich. Big names in show business have gone there. It will be for example Jules Box, the symphonic orchestra of Aube or Christophe Willem. To book one of our cars, do not hesitate to contact us.